Dimensions of scientific literacy in the teaching practice of a teachers' group

Thaís Cristina Cogo, Rosana Franzen Leite


This current paper explores the teachers' reflections and ideas of the early years of an elementary school in Paraná state about their pedagogical practices in science teaching. The considerations here intend to describe and analyze scientific literacy (SL) aspects that are currently introduced in elementary school teachers' reports about teaching work and the relationship with science teaching. The data were acquired from semi-structured interviews in which constituted a report for each interviewed teacher. The reports were analyzed based on Lauren Bardin's Content Analysis, in particular the thematic analysis. Our results allowed us to reveal specific aspects from the pedagogical practices of the social actors involved, and also to analyze the school and the teachers understanding regarding the Natural Science area, besides demonstrating that the teachers show difficulties with scientific mediation turned to the area of the science, and consequently in the principles of understanding SL. Finally, we believe that the analysis of teachers' representations allows us to know the school needs within science education.


Scientific Literacy; Science Teaching; Elementary School

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DOI: 10.3895/actio.v6n1.13113


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