A case study in the teaching of immunology: written arguments and the counter-inductive method of Paul Feyerabend

Daniel Manzoni de Almeida, Paula Seixas Mello, Silvia Luzia Frateschi Trivelato, Patricia Marzin-Janvier, Jean Rodrigues Siqueira, Marsilvio Gonçalves Pereira


In this study, initiated during immunology classes in a graduate course, we analyzed argumentative texts written by students whose production was guided by the counter-inductive approach of knowledge proposed by Paul Feyerabend in his book ‘Against method’ (1975). It was applied a teaching practices activity about a topic on Immunology covering some aspects of the philosophy of science in higher education, particularly the philosophy of biology. The texts written by the students showed the presence of clearly identifiable argumentative structures and also the presence of contents related to scientific and philosophical contexts.


Teaching Immunology; Teaching Biology; Teaching Philosophy of Science

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DOI: 10.3895/rbect.v12n3.6691

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