Stereotypes of Brazilian Women’s hypersexuality in European Media: data mining

Taciana Silveira Passos, Marcos Antonio Almeida-Santos, Nuria Cordero Ramos


A series of stereotypes about Brazilian women, both older and more recent, are put into circulation in the media by European society. This paper aimed to analyze the European international media discourse with regards to Brazilian women and their different manifestations. We selected 39 texts and use the R program for the quantitative analysis of text mining, the sentiment analysis according to the Bing method and the Bardin qualitative analysis. There were prevalent terms which refer to physical attributes, such as "beauty," and "health," or sensuality, such as "sexy," and "attractive." These words expressed a positive feeling but did not prevent them from being linked to pejorative stereotypes.


Gender. Stereotypes. Media. Cyberspace. Text analysis.

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DOI: 10.3895/cgt.v15n45.13068


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