Development and implementation of a public transportations tracking system: study case

Rafael Martins Alves, Rodrigo Martins Alves, Laís Stefany De Carvalho Falca Lima, Alexandro Gularte Schäfer


Public transportation is one of the main means of transport utilized by the population, however, it is still inefficient. One of the problems seen by the population is the delay of the bus. This can happen for several reasons such as traffic or accidents on the road. Tracking a bus through GPS and GSM/GPRS can help solve some of the problems related to lack of predictability of arrival, through the planning and management of the bus system. This project proposes the development of a public transportation tracking system, which will estimate the arrival of a bus at a desired bus stop by the passenger as well as allowing the passenger to see the bus in real time. Thus, the passengers will have better control over their time. For this to become a reality, the tracking system will be integrated and programmed into a hardware module to determine the location of the vehicle and a mobile application to visualize the bus on a map. It is expected to make public transport an efficient means of transport, where the user can better plan, due to the more accurate itinerary, and the bus company can make more concise decisions in regards to route timing.


Map; Mobility; Public Transportation; App; Web Service; Arduino; GPS; GSM/GPRS

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v15n38.8684


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