Artificial intelligence scholars question wheter there is na overvaluation of machines without regard human intelligence: na invitation to reflection

Alex Araujo Lopes


We seek to raise questions about Artificial Intelligence starting from the ideas of researchers as Dennet, Crevier, Dreyfus, Minsk, Virilio, who aim to relate the implications of such technological movement and its variations in current days. The reports are disturbing for a society in which technology depends on other markets, therefore, being servant. Considering this, we are guided by the thoughts of those scholars the facts reported in the work lead us to a main question, which is both sensitive and disturbing, as well as potentially emblematic: In addition to agile allies, could Artificial Intelligence also take on contours that would make us our opponents? Such questioning is not new. Discussed at a time when knowledge was beginning to emerge from the pastoral moorings to evidence the reason and lift a mediator: the man. At that moment, a reconfiguration and appreciation of other knowledge arose. From dark days to less obscure ones? It seems to us that the question asked becomes legitimate given the power relation that is formed when a system composed of aluminum, steel and, supposedly, “mind”, which looms over our lives, is so called being.


Artificial Intelligence; Smart machines; Organisms

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v14n34.7573


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