Geomatics data management system

Diego de Oliveira Martins, Gabriel Jurado Martins de Oliveira, Francisco Roza de Moraes, Irineu da Silva, André Luiz Cunha


The efficient storage and processing of raw dataset from topographic and geodetic surveys are preponderant factors. Currently, the collection of such information is performed through different types of sensors, and each sensor presents its own raw data in different formats. It is therefore important to develop a data management system that would be able to properly manage these different data, allowing the user to retrieve and apply them conveniently, at any time, simply and quickly. For this purpose, this article proposes a data management system for this type of application, based on a set of control indexes of a representative primary key common to all elements of the database. The quality of the proposed data management system was proven by a dataset of a geodetic structural monitoring project.


Sistema de gerenciamento de dados; Geomática; Dados topográficos

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DOI: 10.3895/rbgeo.v8n1.10141


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