Industrial Ethernet for Distributed Control in Factory Automation

Alexandre Baratella Lugli, Lúcia Regina Horta Rodrigues Franco


The manuscript aims to propose a new way to accomplish the fieldbus modules control, using a flexible distributed architecture applied to the industrial Ethernet networks. The work proposal is to develop an algorithm for messages scheduling, applied to a distributed architecture, with the removal of the master controller, where only the fieldbus modules and switches operate on the network, and then having a communication messages distributed control. The proposed algorithm uses an off-line or pre-run-time type technique of messages scheduling. Therefore, the manuscript develops a new communication concept, applied industrial Ethernet networks, with communication network control and each field element distributed throughout the manufacturing process. For this, it is necessary to model the new communication concept, perform the messages scheduling (which is essential for defining the message communication order in the network trafficked, due to not using a centralized master controller) and perform verification testing and idea proposal validation.

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DOI: 10.3895/S2318-45312013000100001


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