A critical review of techniques in power and data transmission for implantable EMG

Eduardo Felipe Ardigo Braga, Daniel Prado de Campos


This paper presents a systematic and critical review about applications involving implantable electromyography in the last fifteen years. For the survey of these articles, several databases were investigated in order to provide a more variable consult. The more critical information was extracted and highlighted during this present study. This data have been used for the construction of a comparison table. The results of this table are used to make comparisons between the different approaches used and to identify the parameters and technologies which have demonstrated better results. These analyses and comparisons can be used to assist in the definition of new approaches to be developed.


Electromyography; implantable medical devices; implantable EMG; wireless power transfer; inductive link.

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DOI: 10.3895/jaic.v8n1.11293


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